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09:54am 28/02/2004
mood: cheerful
Here is some stuff:


The U.S. Postal Service created a stamp earlier this year with a picture of President Bush to honor his achievements while in office. However, it was found that in daily use the stamp was not sticking to envelopes at all. So the President established a blue ribbon commission to determine the reason for such a defect.

After a month's testing, the commission made the following findings:

1. The stamp was found to be in perfect order.

2. There was nothing wrong with the consistency of the applied adhesive.

3. People were just spitting on the wrong side.

Here, is a proposed Constitutional Amendment codifying marriage entirely on Biblical principles:

A. Marriage in the United States shall consist of a union between one man and one or more women. (Gen 29:17-28; II Sam 3:2-5.)

B. Marriage shall not impede a man's right to take concubines in addition to his wife or wives. (II Sam 5:13; I Kings 11:3; II Chron 11:21)

C. A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed. (Deut 22:13-21)

D. Marriage between a believer and a nonbeliever shall be forbidden. (Gen 24:3; Num 25:1-9; Ezra 9:12; Neh 10:30)

E. Since marriage is for life, neither this Constitution nor the constitution of any State, nor any state or federal law, shall be construed to permit divorce. (Deut 22:19; Mark 10:9)

F. If a married man dies without children, his brother shall marry the widow. If he refuses to marry his brother's widow or deliberately does not give her children, he shall pay a fine of one shoe and be otherwise punished in a manner to be determined by law. (Gen. 38:6-10; Deut25:5-10)

Fuck you clown. Fuck you.

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Goodbye Ireland   
11:58am 19/02/2004
mood: nostalgic

So... this is perhaps the last post I shall post in Ireland. I'm leaving tomorrow at 1:45ish.

I'm only posting so that I have a final post from Ireland. I'm feeling a lot of different emotions, but I don't want to sift through them and paste them here.

I'm sad happy nervous and kinda nauseous.


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New plan   
06:10pm 07/02/2004
mood: excited
BritRail pass.


MMMM Britin. All for me. And Russ


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07:19pm 05/02/2004
mood: hungry
Ok, flight to Dinard: 200 euro

Accomidation: 70 euro/night

= teh sux

So Prauge it is! Oh, I wish Russ were here, I feel like I shouldn't be making this decision on my own... SO much money.....


1 star hotel in Prauge, 31 euro/night for two people

Ok... I just found a BOTEL!! That is a boat hotel. I think I'm going to wet my pants laughing.



AHHHH!!!! I've just booked us a hotel.... (sadly I thought that if I booked the Botel, I would die lauging while sleeping)


should be about 31.25 euro/night for both of us.... AHHHH!!!!!!!!!
I fell in love with the staircase...

Tickets: 320!! EUR

Hostel to stay at

For 63.66ish euro

I hate everything. Not really, but it is looking harder and harder to go to prague. Perhaps I'll vacation in a paper bag instead.

Russ came!! He doesn't help as much as I thought having him here would... pout.

We could just go to london. Cheap, but they don't speak a different language, so it's not as exotic.

::sigh:: Perhaps it is my destiny to stay in the english speaking bit of Europe in which I am currently living. ::sniffle::

I'm gonna go cook Russ dinner.


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07:10pm 05/02/2004
mood: frustrated
Pardon my language.

But I have been online for over two hours trying to get this trip figured out, and I am so frstrated I want to lie down and cry for a few hours to make myself feel better.

I hate Europe. I never want to leave Ireland. I hate Russ for being at work and myself for agreeing that it was all my responsability.

And I exit, still whining.

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she talked me into it   
03:43pm 03/02/2004
  Alright already, I'll post for real. Stop hitting me with that bat! It has a nail in it!

Work is almost over. I'm in the final 7 days. I'm excited to get out, I think mainly because there is a new guy working out back with me and Declan, which means there is even less work. My boredom is great (as in large).

As Mar may have mentioned, homesickness has given me a kick in the pants. I'm ok now, I think eating pizza at the "real NY pizzeria" may have helped. It is good pizza, although they don't seem to serve it by the slice (for those of you with no experience of NY, every pizzeria in the city serves pizza by the slice. It's how they make most of their money).

We still don't know what we're going to do re: traveling. Gonna work on it today. Exciting stuff there.

The wind today was strong enough to hold my weight. And this is at sea level. I'm imagining what it would be like up in Connor pass (where the wind is gusty, the sheep are slanty, and all the children are above average). It was also strong enough to slam about the doors to the containers out back at the store. (When I say containers, remember I mean gigantic steel boxes. With steel doors.) Wind is cool. We should have more wind.

I don't know how good the news service is back home, but does everyone know that Bush and Tony Blair have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Apparently some Norweigian guy says that their actions re: capturing Saddam have greatly reduced the threat of a war involving weapons of mass destruction. Also, Mike Read was the first celeb voted out of the Australian jungle. Just thought you all should know. Oh, and Johnny Rotten hates Jordan.

I haven't watched near enough hurling these past months. It just isn't on the main networks, apparently. Although I did watch about 20 minutes of the final round of the snooker masters. And the final round of the women's singles of the Australian open.

Maryam found a new DDR machine for us. It's much closer to our new house, and filled with tasty songs, like Tsugaru, two versions of B4U, Groove 2001 and Cotton-Eye-Joe.
Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance collapse.

More later and sooner.

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jam doughnuts   
03:40pm 03/02/2004
mood: angry
are teh sux.

Now that I have show once again how abnormal I am (I've been informed that jam is the most popular donut filling) we can move on to the regular post.

I know you've all been missing me. Maryam says that she has been informed by many of our readers that they are getting tired of listening to her, and want to hear from a fresh new voice. ( I lied to make him feel important)

Fine, then I won't post. So there.

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And I'm still talking!   
03:08pm 02/02/2004
mood: hungry

So I worked a 7 day week. It was tiring. I think I am done working at the B&B. Some more. I could do it until school starts again if I had people to be with when I am not working. I love russ and stuff, but he is not all of my friends and family. I'd like to visit with some of them while not at work. Because without fun interaciton stuff it just feels like not working is something that happens while I'm waiting to go to work. Ok. Enough bitching.

A strange weather phenomenon is occuring outside of my window. Some wet substance is falling from the heavens. I think it migh be water. Falling out of the sky! Imagine! In Ireland! I almost missed the bus to the city centre. I was running to catch it, and it just took off. In order to come closer to me to pick me up! It was cool.

I cashed about a month's worth of paychecks today, so Russ and I can now pay our rent. Yay! Plus we can now book a flight to somewhere neat. I have decided where Russ and I are going. He told me to, and that he didn't want to have any part in the decision making process.

So I've decided that we're going to France. Or perhaps Prauge, Because it is cheap. But if I go to prauge, it is prauge that I am going to. But if I go to france, I have no idea where I'm going. So this paragraph is about France.

Where in france to go? I really don't know. Here is a list of cities in france to which I could travel. I have allready emailed an expert on France (ok, she's my H.S. French teacher) and I hope to hear back from her soon. But I am very uneducated in French Stuff and know almost nothing about France. Does anyone that is not me know stuff about France? If you do here's your time to shine! Tell me something (and NOT something you've just learned on the internet to impress me!) and help me make my decision!

Cities I could fly into in France:
La Rochelle
St. Etienne

We 'prolly won't do Paris, and instead do something else cool. But where? Russ finds it difficult to make this decision, so I think every one of our friends and I should make it instead. Because it is funny.

Ok, I guess that's all from over here. Hope your day is sunnier than mine. A plus for Ireland though, I'm wearing sandles with no sox, and I'm still warm. Plus I bought a fluffy hat and mittons for two euro!

::Sigh:: I need more of a life to post about than my mitten status.


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Where should I visit?   
01:41pm 29/01/2004
mood: excited
From Dublin:

Glasgow € 2.99 Leeds € 7.99 Paris-Beauvais € 17.99
Aberdeen € 2.99 Bristol € 7.99 Disneyland Resort € 17.99
London (Luton) € 7.99 Bournemouth € 7.99 Brussels (CRL) € 17.99
London (Stansted) € 7.99 Cardiff € 7.99 Barcelona (Girona) € 29.99
London (Gatwick) € 7.99 Edinburgh € 7.99 Faro € 48.99
Newcastle € 7.99 Birmingham € 7.99 Malaga € 69.99
Manchester € 7.99 Teesside € 7.99
Blackpool € 7.99 Liverpool € 7.99

From Shannon:

London (Stansted) € 14.99 Brussels (CRL) € 19.99 Paris-Beauvais € 29.99
Glasgow € 19.99 Frankfurt-Hahn € 24.99 Disneyland Resort € 29.99

I want to travel. Where should I go? Any suggestions?


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Random! Post!   
01:49pm 28/01/2004
mood: guilty

I haven't posted in a bit.

Everything is ok, if not good. I am not working at the same house I have been. I am now working at the Star of the Sea B&B as opposed to the White house.

I feel as though Lorrane doesn't really need to be having me work here. I think she is giving me this job to do because she doesn't want me to starve. I feel guilty about that, until I realize that I would still have a job if Mary hadn't hired someone else to do my job. But is it ok to take money from Lorrane? I also feel as though I am letting her down, perhaps only because I am afraid of doing so. I have a history of other people thinking I am doing badly at work, and thinking that way myself as well.

I was LATE to work this morning, because my clock is 5 minutes slower than the clock upstairs at the star of the sea. I let out a room to these drunk people who threw up and used two rooms. I have made mistakes!

I guess it is something I need to deal with now, otherwise I'll feel like this the rest of my life. And even if I figure out how to not worry every moment of every day about how well other people think I am doing, I will still worry about how I'm doing and what other people think of me. Stupid being human. If I were a robot I wouldn't worry about this stuff!

Plus there is not much to do. So I am typing this at work, and I am going to post this at work as well. ::sigh::

It is getting close to the time which I am going to stop working and start doing stuff. I want to visit Belfast and London and Paris. I just don't know if we'll have the cash to do all of it. So then I say Screw Belfast! Word on the street is that Paris is less than Ireland cost-wise. Except they speak a funny language there, Norwegan or soemthing. :-P I am hoping to take a bus or train or something under water to visit Paris. Just to say I have, you understand.

I emailed beloit about my financial aid stuff, and they were all 'your presidential scholarship is waiting for you, just fill out your financial aid paperwork before the 31st of march and you're all set'. And I was all SWEET!! I get to go back to Beloit and have my free money still!! I'm going to make it my goal to fill out the FAFSA before I leave Ireland. How will I do that, you ask? Online! I answer. How would you do that online? Here at work! I answer! Again, the guilt washes over me. Perhaps the government would send the paper version to Ireland to for me to fill out here.

I just realized that I'm going to miss galway when I leave. It seems that I have only spent the blink of an eye here. I wish I could have stayed longer. I also wish that I had saved more, so that I could go to India to visit Dhruv. There just wasn't enought time spent here.

If I ever radically change my mind and decide that I need to be an anthropologist, I am going to be of the school that states people need to spend a WHOLE lot of time with their chosen people so they can understand them that much better. And get used to LIVING with them. Perhaps three years but at least two years. And learning the language ahead of time would be a must! ::sigh:: I wish I liked Anthroplogy more. Perhaps I will when I go back.

You know, working at the B&B has helped me realize that I can do anything. I rule.

OH! I've been meaning to post about this. There is this internet place right next to the stirp club in Salthill. And I mean RIGHT next door. I had a vision of an internet place with one wall being a GIANT window into the Strip club. No dice on that. But it is litterally flush with the strip joint and letterally a SHACK. It is small, compact, and a shack. Have I mentioned that it is a shack? I wish we had our digital camera still. There is just enough room for the 6 computers inside of it. 5 are on this table, and the other is the shop's "how much do you owe us" computer. And it smells very bad. And it is generally PACKED with geeks playing MTGO. It is 3 eruo/ hr and less for regulars. And people spend HOURS there, playing MTGO. And the place reeks of unwashed geek. And the guy watching the shop is playing MTGO. And I felt as though I should be playing MTGO when I was there, checking my mail. It was funny. If it smelled better, I would spend more time there, just because it is so funny. If I owed the internet shack, you can bet it would smell better. And there would be a GIANT wintdow into the stip club, if only into the foyer.

Russ and I had our first day off togeather since we both got jobs. It was last Sunday. We walked along the bay twords this riding school I'd heard of. We didn't get as far as the riding school, but we did play on a beach that we passed. We both found cool shells, poked into tide pools, and got our feet very wet. It was very beautiful. I was struck with very bad cramps before we reached the riding centre,and we turned back so I could spend the day lying in bed moaning and Russ could be the best boyfriend ever and fetch me things and rub my back.

I made chocolate chunk cookeis yesterday. It was from a recipie I read in a bookstore and copied down into my notepad. It used a cup of brown sugar, a cup and 3/4 of flour, 150g butter and A TABLESPOON of milk. Isn't that wierd? They are tasty, though. MMMMMMButter and Sugar.

While I am sad to be in sight of the end of my Irish 'veture, I am still suffering from homesickness. I miss my family and friends. I also miss the feeling that I am moving forward in life, like having a goal or something. I know I am learning a lot from my experience here, but I'm not moving twords a new phase of my life and I think I'd like to be. I want to be out psychologizing. Not making beds for someone, feeling like I have to do things their way. I am excited about the prospect of having a "field".

And I want a puppy.

With that huge insight, I leave you.



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Nothing much to say, really   
06:16pm 17/01/2004
mood: calm

So, I have about twelve (3) unposted journal entries from the last few weeks. Just me typing to get the stress away, or the bordem away, or whatever away. And I work very much and I don't really feel like walking over to the internet place with a disc, and I can't find a disc, and whatever!

So I always mean to post these entries, but it just never gets done.

I broke the laptop yesterday, and thus these entries might never be posted. Alas.

The last few days have had the most marvelous sunrises EVER. The sun rises around eight thirty am, and the dining room that I serve people brekfast in faces it. If you look at the new pictues posted last week, the shot of the sunrise through the window with black cross-hatch type stuff is the view I have every morning. Sometimes it is overcast and grey. The sunrise is a weak almost colorless happening making the mist look a bit brighter. These last two days have been clear as a... something very clear. And it has been GEORGOUS. I just want to jump into Galway Bay, it looks so blue and inviting. Too bad I have to work until sunset every day, or I might actually take a leap into the bay.

Russ and I are living in the white house (The B&B I work at all day) this week (rent free!!) In return we are house-sitting. Basically this means we can't go to sleep until 9:30pm and we have to check people in and sell the rooms and be there in case anyone dies or the police are called. It is neat. Exept that I work at the white house. EVERY DAY. So in a way, its kinda like prison. So I've escaped to type this email. Russ is manning the fort for me.

We move back to the sweet amazing apartment in the Star of the Sea on Monday night. And we are supposed to be out of the white house by Sat. night. So we're staying in the white house a day later and not telling anyone. SHHHHH!!!!

I have next week off, as the housepainters are painting "the white house". I wish Mary had told me about this before wednesday so that Russ and I might have tried to go somewhere cool. Like France.

I am excited to be back in the US in Feb. I am excited to see some of my friends again. (not that I'm less excited to see other friends, just that Kate is not in the US anymore, hence the 'some' in the sentence)

So Where am I living this summer?? Anyone want to take a vote? I have some ideas and will tell them to you if you give me a euro.

with this I peter of....



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05:01pm 12/01/2004
  Ooh, I got to watch Hypercube last night. That movie is not the action. Not as scary as the first one, makes less sense than the first one, and they are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off through the whole movie.

In the first cube, they at least had some sort of plan after a while. It wasn't just "Oh no, the spinny metal thing is here, run into the next room!" 065059 indeed. Screw that.

Work still good. The other guy that works stock with me apparently got karate kicked in the windpipe last night while he was out clubbing, so he might not be in this week. So we'll see if I can live up to my brag that I've made to Maryam, about how I could do his job and mine.

I'm not sure if I've said this yet, but I really enjoy the 40 minutes of walking I do each day. Lots of fun, relaxing and energizing at the same time.

Ok, until next time, just remember: some things are not meant to be eaten.

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04:51pm 12/01/2004
mood: hahah
"I think Howard Dean should take his tax-hiking, government-expanding,
latte-drinking, sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading,
body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, left-wing freak show back to
Vermont - where it belongs."
Ad being run in Iowa agains the Howard Dean Campaign. I couldn't stop laughing

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Happy Christmass!!   
07:53pm 25/12/2003
mood: hungry
Happy Christmass everyone.

Christmass has been AMAZING so far.
Russ and I woke up. I - not having to work these last three days - had almost everything wrapped. But Russ - having slaved like a slave for the past few days - still had to wrap my stuff. So I went upstairs and minded the B&B and wrapped some stuff while Russ just Wrapped.

A bit on our apartment


There was once a man who was going to give Russ and I a nice small room in a house in Salthill for four weeks at 65 euro per week. The room was very small. The bed was very small. But the house had wood floors, and a kitchen of our very own, and a working fireplace. And the guy said he'd pay utilities. The house was to be shared between russ and myself and two others; both students at university. It was also near my work. So we agreed to rent it and get the heck out of the hostel. Yay!! We were to move in in THREE DAYS

The next day the guy stopped by the hostel and told us that he'd been thinking, and that with utilities 67 wouldn't be enough to cover everything, and he would like 88. What he said exactically was "I didn't think about there being two of you using the hot water, heat, electricity and everything." So Russ and I told the guy "Um... How about we pay utilities?" And the guy said: "Cool. OK." And we were happy again. He gave us his spare key. We were to move in day after tomorrow.

And the guy stopped by. And told us that since there were two of us, his roomates had decided they wanted to pay per person instead of per room. Which ment we had to pay 100 euro a week plus utilities. For a small bed, wood floors, a kitchen shared with two college students (You guys are freaking MESSY! I've seen the lounge) and a fireplace. 100 was just too much. We gave him his key back. We would have moved in tomorrow.

And I hated him. It was the worst annaversarry ever. And that was BEFORE I lost our bank card.

I asked the people who manage the B&Bx up the road (Which is owned by the same people who own the b&b I work at) if we could get reduced rates at their b&b, perhaps 100 euro a week? They said talk to Mary (manager of the B&Bs not owner) so I did, and rambled on about hot water and heat and how russ and I had (at the time) the flu. And she said she'd get back to me. And she did.

The owner of all the b&bs needs someone to mind her favorite b&b during christmass. We do it, we get AN APARTMENT IN THE B&B FOR FREE FOR ONE WEEK. And then she'll let us rent it for 100 euro a week until Jan. 10th. 100 a week for this is CRAZY!!!!! TOTALLY BONKERS!! Rock out. I was just hoping for a small room with a double bed, but Russ and I lucked out. We even have 200 channels of cable. And leather couches. It is amazing!

I would take pictures to put it on the interweb, but the $10 camera has died and gone to a different place. So all I have are picutes of holes in the hostel and those would make everyone cry without the beauty of the new apartment to offset them.

So Anyway. Russ had to both work AND shop on Christmass eve, and I had to mind the B&B. So I did and he did. He walked home groceries also, including our amazing 3.7lb ham which is starting to boil RIGHT NOW! So he was just whiped out. And I was crampy and irratable. So neither of us got the pampering we wanted/needed from each other. But then we went to bed. And when we woke up it was CHRISTMASS!!!!! AMAZING! And Russ liked his presents and I liked my presents. And we watched some mindless tv. And this old british guy who smells like pee talked at us for hours. Mostly about how he is a freedom seeker running away from someone trying to lock him up and take his stuff. And he's deaf so we had to shout at him. He used the brekfast room. Let me explain.

Galway shuts down during Christmass. Litereally. There are NO stores open. NO pubs open. NOTHING. And no hotels are open. So Lorane likes to have her B&B open to help people out. But no breakfast. No room services. Out of the goodness of my heart I set out cereal and bread along with instructions to put used dishes in the dishwasher. The Dining and living rooms are CLOSED. Except to Russ and myself who use them MERCELESSLY. We were in the midst of exchanging gifts when pee man came into the dining room. I told him not to. He said allright. Then he came in anyway and sat down and started eating. I am a pushover because I didn't kick him out. I am a walkallover person. Tomorrow I'm LOCKING the door even if I am inside. GRRRRR

So yeah. ::Deep breath in:: ::Deep breath out:: and then russ and I ate the brekfast food we had prepared (Brunch at 1:00 even though we were up at 8:30), cleaned up, did dishes (stared dishwasher) watched muppetts in space while playing with christmass crakcers, and then watched this AMAZING show about these teams of people building cars designed to drive 7 feet underwater for a fixed amount of time. And they did, which was hella cool. Then we started dinner. I am very excited about this ham. But Russ and I were too crabby yesterday to go out and purchase potatos, so we have ham, corn and peas, christmass pudding, bread, pie (when/if we get around to making it), wine and cake but no potatos to mash and make a part of our dinner. We're looking into pasta.

work has been work. I have taken to watching an hour of tv in the mornings sometimes because I have to wait for people to show up for brekfast before I do anything. And sometimes after brekfast...

I have seen more episodes of Friends and the Smimpsons here in Ireland than EVER in the US. What I'd like is a Library card. Then I can rent books for free! Oh! I bought russ a book about exploding sheep for christmass, used. It looks amazing. Its called BEFORE & AFTER.

Russ is puttering around behind me on the B&B's computer, making it run better, faster, longer and better. That computer has the interweb, which we are allowed (say people other than lorane) to use. I used it to talk to Nathan to try and convince him to come visit me in Ireland.
Oh hey, offer is open to anyone. aerlingus.com has flights to Ireland from the Us for 99 euro each way. Sorry, I lied. Kate, you can't come to visit for cheap. I'm sorry. I love you. Its ok, we'll live togeather over the summer instead ok?

About a week and a half ago flights were 99 euro each way. Flights are only good for stays of 5 days or less, and when I looked yesterday I could only get one flight (to Ireland or To the us) for 99 us dollars and the other one was almost 200. Sorry. But if you want to come/have the cash to blow, Russ and I have a spare bed in our apartment (YAY!) and we'd love to see you. Except you can't come when Russ's family is coming in Feb. Whover you are. I mean you can only come if you're one of our close friends or loved ones! If you're just some shmoe who wants a free room while you see the sights in Ireland, I'm sorry, you're not invited to crash at our place. No free room for you. Unless you're a close friend who wants a free room while you see the sights in Ireland. I'm fairly sure I didn't announce this within enough time for anyone to actually make resurvations/get a visa and come visit. Damn. But if you want to come (perhaps through magic) you are still welcome. :-P

Hugs to you all, I am going to do something else now.

Yes, hugs even to you.


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03:47pm 20/12/2003
mood: jubilant
Apparently some people have a problem with the fact that we have lives now. I'm not naming names, but some of them may be related to me. *ahem*

Now, onto the post--

Last night we moved into our tasty apartment. It's not as close to the city center, but it's also not as smelly or cold. We have heat, and hot water, and our own kitchen, and a gigantic (to us) bed. We also have huge windows facing the bay. I imagine the view is amazing, but it's dark here from about 4:30 pm to 8:30 am, and guess when I was there last night? So we're really excited about not being in the hostel that's going to blow up.

Our jobs are still good. We're both having fun, which is a pleasant change from the summer when we both had jobs that were as fun as dung. To give you an idea of how weird it is that I'm having fun with this job, let me tell you about my friday.


a short story by Russell Stringer (age 20) [aside- I'm 20 now! w00t]

Friday I worked from 8 am to 5 pm. Ahh, nine hours of work. I thought I would need all of it too. You see, each week on tuesday we get an order in from coca-cola. Usually this is around 50 cases of various products that are produced by the coca-corporation. This week, in preparation for christmas, we received 230 cases of product. It was supposed to be in on thursday, when there are two people working stock (me and another guy, Declan). However, we received a call thursday at 'round 4:30 (already 1.5 hours past the time I was originally supposed to leave. They asked me to stay later to help with the coke order). The call said that no coke 'till Friday. So Friday I come in early, and so does the coke. They start unloading case after case after case of soda, and I start wheeling it to the back. Then I have to stack it. I'm not sure how many of you can visualize 230 cases of coke. So let me say that I could, if I stacked the cases like building blocks, build a full-grown male african elephant, with more left over. Perhaps I would use the extra to build a zebra.

Anyway, I had fun stacking stuff. It's like playing sokoban, only in real life! Although I did run out of stuff to do about an hour and a half before the end of my day.


So my life is exciting, right? You all envy me. Go ahead, envy me. Hah!

We're going to have ham for christmas. I'm hungry already. That could be because I haven't eaten since for 5 hours.

Maryam isn't posting today because she's at work. She'll post sometime around christmas. One of the reasons this is the first post in a while is because Maryam has been working for 10 days straight now. Tomorrow is her last day for a week, though.


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Subject this!!   
01:32pm 09/12/2003
mood: celebratory
We have a room now (for 4-6 weeks, complete with warmth) and have also been offered a housesitting thingie by the über-manager of the B&Bs that Mar works at. This would involve us being in the B&B for four or so hours a night, making sure it doesn't blow up. In return, we'd get a tasty free room, heat, hot water, electricity, a kitchen, TV (with cable) a washer and dryer, and a partridge in a pear tree.

We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary today. Maryam had the day off, and I managed to get the afternoon off (today was really busy at the store, due to getting in a lot of stock for christmas, all of which I have to take care of). But on the upside, as I was leaving the store, Michael (Mr. Boss man) pulled me aside, handed me 10 euro, and told me to have a drink tonight on him. He said "don't have too many, but it'll get you two." Free money is good.

Did we tell you how we went to the college last wednesday for geek time? Well, we did. It was lame. There were 4 people playing magic, 3 people playing toy soldier wargaming, and 4 chicks talkin' bout stuff. One of them mentioned in passing that finals were coming up, so maybe that means that Irish geeks study or something. Weird. So it sucked, but maybe it won't suck next time.

You know what I miss? Picking up the first floor lounge phone and shouting something random at the person who's calling. And we don't have a phone in our new room, so I can't scare the pizza delivery guy. Maybe we'll get a mobile sometime. Although now that we have jobs it doesn't seem as necessary as it once did.


I am hungry. That is all

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The stuff with the thing   
05:04pm 03/12/2003
mood: hungry/sad/bored
So here I am again. Don't have much to say, life has been pretty boring recently. Been working, which is good. Need to get my taxy number thingie, so we can start doing fun stuff like tours and whatnot. I've started paying for my 1/2 bed again, since the woman at the hostel confronted me about all the time I've been spending there, and I couldn't lie to her (stupid conscience. I mean, its not like its costing them anything extra for me to sleep in that bed. They don't have to wash any extra sheets, and since the heating system doesn't work, it's not like I'm sucking away their money through the radiators. And because water is FREE, its not like its costng them ANYTHING)

Tonight is the night we go over to the college and try to make friends with the Galway version of BSFFA. Wednesday is apparently their traditional get together day for rp and wargaming. We also emailed some guy about the changeling LARP he runs, so maybe we'll join that up as well. Mmmm, free entertainment.

Just bought some books from the library. Got five decent scifi booksfor 1 euro, which seems a good deal. Although we are just going to read them then give them to a used bookstore. Or leave them on the windowsill in the hostel.

Just finished writing our budget for the 10 days until Maryam gets her first paycheck. The budget actually consisted of a list of the meals we are going to eat, along with what shopping we need to do to make said meals happen. So when I say budget, I guess I mean shopping list. But the idea is the same, right?


I really like my job. On monday I was alone in the guesthouse. And I really do mean ALONE. We had no guests. And I was all, hmmm what should I do? And the thought came to me... CLEAN. So I spent my day cleaning and mopping. And it was fun, because when I got bored with one thing I did another. And the place was cool looking. And I cleaned out the fridges, and dusted, and folded bathmats. And if we have another slow week (which we do, seeing as it is WINTER) I can bring my and russ's laundry and do it in the washing machines. And then in the Dryer. Its amazing. Its like saving six euro a week. And It only takes twenty minutes to walk there. And this Austrailian guy from the guesthouse up the way came over and showed me stuff and told me stuff that no one else knows who are not part of the hostel. ie: guests sometimes stick underwear in the tank of the toilet. Isn't that messed up? But they do, and no one could have told me unless they were in a position to know. And Australian guy told me that "I'm practical" and "from everything he's heard" I'll do an amazing job. Everything he's heard??? Um... I started two days ago. Whatever. I am happy to have a job in a nice place with heat that gives me free juice and bacon, and in which I am my own boss.

I think I realize why I HATED The Strand so much. No one really wanted to be there, and it was dirty. And no one cared about stuff. The guesthouse is pretty, and shiny, and well taken care of. And no one is looking over my shoulder, telling me what I should do. And the Australian guy told me that I was doing a good job, that he wouldn't look over my shoulder. And everone involved with the guesthouse cares about how it does. And I can just sit for ten mintues at a time and chill out. It was 'work work work' at the strand, take your scedualed breakes, and get back out. Jez I hated the strand. After a busy day I would go into the bathrooms and just cry. And I wasn't sure why. Ok... Now that I've wierded everyone out...

I think my cold is gone. I forced myself on thursday friday sat sun and mon to dring GALLONS of orange juice at work, and I feel 1000% better. The weather feels nice and brisk instead of cold. Except in the hostel, where it is cold all the time.

I had the most traumatic experience EVER today. I decided that I was smelly and went into the shower to... shower. So I turned on the water, got it, soaped up.... and the hot water stopped. As in I lost all water pressure, and what trickle there was was FREEZING. And then the pressure came back with a WHOLE LOT of FREEZING WATER. And I was soapy. And so I rinsed off the bits I had soaped and Cried. I really did cry. I cried while shivering and rinsing my body. And then I put on clothing and cried while russell held me. I think I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate this hostel now. Before I was ambivilant.

On the Hostel

When I moved into the hostel I was told there was a real comunitty there. And there is, its true. But it is built on drugs. And I have never done drugs, and don't plan to start while living in a house with nails sticking up everywhere and no hot water. So I felt alienated.
Now, before you parental types start clutching your chest and having heart attacks, there arent people shooting heroin or cooking up in the kitchen. It is pot and mushrooms, which affect motor funcions and cause halucinations, but don't induce violence or violent dependence. I think everyone in the hostel is either too poor or too "smart" to do "harder" drugs. So I'm not afraid for my health or well being from violent people. But I do feel like a kind of 11th wheel. Like I can't truly be a part of stuff because when Spanish guy says "Hey Maryam, do you want some?" I say no and leave the room. I think it gives the impresion that I feel I'm better then them or something when I really just don't want to be around it. It was different when I lived in Maine with the guys, because while Noel and Caleb smoked pot, Will and i didn't. And we were all friends and we could hang out. Here I feel like the people I live with just can't be my friends. Which is why I hope we make cool Irish geek friends and get them to come to America and join BSFFA.

Ok... another update whenver I get it out.


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A post from Last Wednesday I posted today   
06:14pm 27/11/2003
mood: worried
just saw the most amazing commercial in the world. You think you've seen an amazing commercial, but you're wrong. I thought I had seen amazing commercials, but I was wrong too. This was a commercial for pickles. Not pickled cucumbers, but pickled onions, pickled beets, and picallilly (sp?). Sounds pretty boring? That's because I haven't told you that they were dancing. Not dancing, so much as being formed into pickle people that danced around. Gigantic faces, with onion eyes, sandwich mouths, and lettuce for hair. And there was a song. It was a good song.

Thank you, Branston pickles


This was about a week or two ago, I didn't post it, but I found it on the desktop and decided that since it was a part of my irland experience I should share it with you.

My job hunt on Wednesday:

Photocopy applcation,

Give application to bookstores

Go into Bay Trading Company.

Bay trading has an advert for "Deputy Manager" in the window and has for a few weeks. I finally got up the gumption to go and apply for the position. I have previous experience in the Java Joint being Iris's "Deputy Manager" and on paper it seems that I have even MORE! experience. So i go into the store. No one is at the customer service desk, where I have been directed. There is a little door on the left hand side, where I assume the person has gone to do...something. So I wait. I look at the children's dressing gowns: Very cute in yellow and blue. The yellow ones have pictures of ducks on the breast pocket. That gets boring after a few minutes. There is a neat red hat to the right of the service shack, and I inspect it until I fugure out how they incorporated feathers into the knitting of the cap. Then I plan how to do it myself. I wait some more.... some more. I get bored and say "Hello?" And this lady comes out. She has a book in her hands and seems to distrust me. Perhaps because I was so impetuious in thoughtlessly calling her away from her work in the back room. I put some of my waiting time to good use by having my CV ready. I say "Hi. I'm here to enquire about the postion of deputy manager, I've brought my C- "

"It's been filled!" She snaps at me.

I blink. Look at her a few moments. "Oh." I am sure I have a bemused and slightly upset expression on my face.

"Do you have any experience?" She seems to relent the tinyest bit.

"Yes" I say in a tone that is quite sure of itself and a bit affronted that she would think I would apply for a position for which I was not qualified.

"Well It's filled anyway!" She nods and goes to work ignoring me.

I was mostly amused when I left the building, but now I'm mostly sad. I have the best comeback in the world, and I just wish I had been angry at the lady at first and thought of it. Well, you guys can hear it:

"Ok. I understand. I just hope that when your children or grandchildren leave Ireland for a while or forever that they are denied the jobs they are qualified for by someone who does't like that they aren't from the same country. And I hope they understand as well. Have a nice day, Ma'am."

The have a nice dayy ma'am is the most important part. And I guess Irish people along with EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD have been descriminated against. I'm glad she's keeping the tradition alive.

::Sigh:: still no job, and I have a bunch of feelings about that.

Yesterday was Russ's day off, and we went to the bookstore across the way from Tesco. As we were going through cookbooks, to try and have a dinner that Wasn't pizza (tesco value: 75 cents) or pasta (tesco value: cheap) this lady asked us if we were going to buy anything? I said, oh, we were just going through these.. and she said, look, youre taking up 4 seats, if you're not going to buy anything then you need to leave. The books are part of the bookstore, this is the coffee shop.

Again, best come back ever: I haven't decided yet if I'm going to buy anything. Perhaps I will. Would she have kicked me out then?

And we were not taking up 4 seats, we were taking up one seat, both on one side of the table sharing a table. She had muttered the 4 seat thing, trying to salve her concience. And I noticed that and let her, because I am very considerate.

So, in conclusion, I am currently a drain on the shoestring budget that is Russ's salary. According to everyone at the cheapo hostel, Ireland is hella 'spensive. Like, the prices here are REDICULOUS. And they do remind me of New York City (manhattan) prices, at least the resturants. But even with that, you can find a cool cheap place SOMEWHERE in NY if you look for it. Galway's too small to have hidden places like that. ::sigh:: Food itself is reasonable, thank's to Tesco.

This post has been brought to you by TESCO VALUE EVERYTHING. Keeping Mar and Russ fed during the difficult times.


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On food and stuff   
06:06pm 27/11/2003
mood: hungry

Not much going on at the moment. The next big hurdle seems to be finding another job and an apartment that doesn't smell like someone's feet. I feel a lot better now that I make a bit of cash, no matter how small a bit that bit is. Its funny. On the day that I felt my most hopeless, I found two jobs. I'm really glad that I made myself get out of bed last Friday and make calls to those two numbers. Now I just need that magic to happen again.

I did some laundry! As you know, there is nowhere to do laundry in Galway, you have to pay someone to do it FOR you. So I hadwashed a bunch of my stuff and hung in in the shower. The socks are soaking as I type this. Then I have a bunch more sutff to wash. Soon I will have clothing that does not smell bad!! I am very very VERY excited about this. I haven't mentioned to Russ what his part in all this will be. I'm guessing I'll get fed up with it and just tell him to take over in the middle of something, seeing as how I just washed a pair of HIS pants, and that some of the socks soaking are his. And because I'll probably wash some of his shirts when I'm washing mine. I don't want to let myself get too domestic.

We made pancakes today. They were really good. I just kept mixing stuff until the mix looked right and then fried it up. MMMMM. Russ made bacon.

Today we're going to Tesco when it closes, in order to score sweet sweet markdown meat. One of the guys at the hostel says that when Tesco starts to close they cut the meat prices in half. Which is exciting, because Tesco is inexpensive meat-wise allready and with a 50% mark down it will be Cheap!!

Typing of food, Russ and I are out of ideas. Wraps are pretty expensive, refried beans nowhere to be seen here on the west coast. Lots of meat and bacon and veggies, but a medocre oven and no ideas. Russ and I are tired of pizza and sphagetti and stir fry and tarragon Chicken. Would people mind sharing some quick and/or easy and CHEAP dinners we can make? We just don't know what else to do. We have limited experience cooking, and mostly it boiled down to: I'm tired, lets just have a wrap. But there are NO refried beans here!!! Does anyone know how to MAKE refried beans? Considder this a cry for help. Help me and Russ make a dinner that I'm excited about eating.

Allright. That's it for now. I'm serous about the food stuff, though. Recipies or suggestions GREATFULLY recieved.


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A post in the dark   
04:06pm 26/11/2003
mood: sick

I haven't been online in a while.

I worked my first job on Sat. It was waitressing at a B&B in salthill, and when brekfast is over making the beds and the room . The job is only weekends, though, from 8 am to 2 or 3 pm. So I need another job.

I had an interview for another job. The hours are from five pm to nine pm; amazing! I get daylight free to frolic!! The lady who interiewed me actually left the room to confer with her parter? Boss? about weather or not they had room for me at that time. But she told me to call back in the morning; that I basically had the job if they could fit me in. So I called and her boss? partner? said he had to talk to the lady. Jane? And could I call back at six pm. So I did, and by his tone he forgot to ask Jane, but told me they were not taking on any new staff for a week to ten days. Damn. The interview job was that of telemarketer. Yes. That would be me interupting your dinner. That would be my smarmy voice trying to sell you stuff you don't need. ::sigh:: That would have been nine fifty an hour (with the exchange rate = 12 american dollars). They said I should call back in about a week to see if there is another spot open, but I don't know.

Did i come to Ireland to call the irish on the phone and sell them water purification divices? I get fifty for two days of work at the b&b, which pays for russ and my bed at the hostil. What can I do that would get me to know the people better and the place better? Volunteer? Walk through the streets of Galway?? There's really not money to take the nifty tours and stuff for both russ and myself, but if I get the 2nd job I won't have time to take them. Well, unless I get home before four pm, in time to grab the bus. ::sigh:: If you have any advice I'd love to hear it.

OH!! About the hostil... it failed inspection. By the fire inspector, which is really funny. Because the girl's shower doesn't have a ceiling. Yes. I can see the rotting beams when I go to get clean. And one of they guy's showers doesn't drain properly, so it drains into one of the girl's showers (which means its a choice between freaking out in the no cealing shower and braving the boys in the boy's bathroom and comendeering their shower. I haven't been into the girls bahroom for about a week) And you need lighters to light the stovetop and the oven, and they are COATED in Greece (Yes, the pope is living on the stove). And the carpeting is wearing out, and there are holes in it. And there are exposed nailes in the floor, those carpet nails where the carpet has been pulled off them. And the hosil smells moldy EVERYWHERE. But it failed FIRE inspection. Jez. The place is so moldy that I don't think it could actually catch fire. I think any fire would sputter out on the damp wood. But what that means practically is that there are only twenty peole allowed to live in the hostil at a time. Well, 21 if you count the fact that we're only paying for one bed. Glen (he lives in our room with us) says that the hostil is going to be shut down, and that the people running it are trying very hard to get it fixed up so that its not shut down. ::Shrug:: I don't care, but the hostil is not allowed to shut down until russ and I find somehwere to live that is ony fifty euro a week. Lots of people are living in the hostil and working. People from around the world; which is pretty cool.

I'm getting a cold!!! When I went for my interview, I took a bus. To get the bus back to Galway, I had to wait next to a wall. For half an hour. In the rain. I was there on time, but the bus was not. The bus was half an hour late. In the rain. And I don't have a hat, and my scarf isn't done getting knit. And i'm whining.

And I'm in a coffee house. Its neat. It has stylish decor, nice hot chocolate, and the three people upwind of me are smoking and getting that smoke in my face. And its not like they're actually smoking. They're HOLDING the cigarettes ad READING THE PAPER. I can't wait until JAN, when it becomes illegal to smoke in the workplace. Those bastards.

I've been writing stuff. But I feel... unfinished. Like I'm not ready. Like I need to grow up some more, get some more depth before I can write what i'm going to write. Or is that my feelings of inadiquacy popping up? I'm not sure.

On Creepy old men:

Creepy old Irish men keep hitting on me. I don't want to go into details, but it involved pushing a man with no teeth away from me and thinking about shoving him into the river. And a man stopping me in the middle of the street, chatting me up, and when I went to shake his hand goodbye pulling me close for a kiss on the cheek. Ewwwww. Creepy. I need to learn to advertise my boundries, but these guys are sneaky. No Teeth guy started telling me the history of a tower that had been attacked by the vikings and was now some sort of tourist attraction. Middle of the Street guy had a dog. Damn them both. And I was at the library yesterday and this really old guy sat next to me. So I ignored him, because I'm on a roll with old men. And then I coughed, and I guess woke him up, because he said "Oops, was I snoring? Had a late night last night!" And it looked like he had a neat old guy story to tell, but I was afraid I'd have to be mean to him because he would try to hit on me, so I ignored him. And then another guy struck up a conversation about how neat it was that the library exists for old people and cold people in the winter, and I just nodded, because agin, I was afraid of him hitting on me and I was very much NOT interested. But does this mean I can't be nice to people? Does this mean that whenever anyone strikes up a converstaion with me, I will think they want to hit on me?? Did I miss a meeting about what constitues flirting, or is that why women have reputations of being "bitches" or "cold"? Is it because it is that or feel violated all the time?

Two more men with cigrettes re reading in front of me now. God Damn.
At least they're young men. No offence, but at least these folks won't try to hit on me.



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